Edd Kalehoff

“Come on down!!!!”…. Edd Kalehoff has spent years crafting television themes such as The Price is Right, that stay with viewers long after the credits roll. Yet the legendary composer still poses the same question before he writes a score. “I envision the finished piece and ask myself,  (What would I have written if I had heard it and said) “Gee, I wish I had written that!”  Then I just listen to the imaginary music and write it.

It’s an approach that’s served him well in writing over 1,000 thematic compositions that give voice to a show or film’s true essence. In addition to his Emmy-award-winning theme for ABC’s Monday Night Football, his work includes themes for The Price is Right, ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, Nightline, Nightly Business Report, The View, four Super bowls, 48 Hours, Double Dare, NBC’s promotional campaign “We’re 4 New York” and commercials from panty hose to Porsche. Edd is known as one of the greatest musical innovators for merging new technologies, like the Moog synthesizer in the 1970s, with ensembles of live musicians and bigger orchestras. He can also be seen in the documentary, “Moog.”

Edd’s perennial pursuit of perfection is as key to his success as his talent. “I have a persistent fear of mediocrity and of not being the best. I may be working late in the studio and no one knows if I got that little detail of music right, but it will be heard by 50 million people and I’ll know if it’s right,” he says. It’s that work ethic and raw talent that has made Edd a favorite composer of Mark Goodson Productions, ABC sports, Walt Disney Co., Carnival Cruise Lines, all major broadcast networks and almost all cable networks. Edd spent his childhood in Mississippi, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the son of E. Woodley, a church organist who instilled in him a love of music, and Dot Dot, a sociology PHD professor who inspired him to follow his passion. “Their words were, “prepare yourself for the job, and the job will come to you.” He did, attending Philadelphia Music Academy now the University of the Arts to follow his dream, and many times over it did. “When asked for a quote as to where I planned to go after high school, my yearbook says, “To Hollywood to score music for films and TV themes.”

For some polyester-clad fun, check him out in this Schaefer beer commercial, circa 1972.  Check out that “pour”!

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Schaefer Beer


World News Tonight


Price Is Right 2007


Monday Night Football

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